Una misteriosa telefonata avvisa Stefano del ritrovamento di Anna, una ragazza scomparsa da alcuni giorni, sua compagna di corso all’Università. Un viaggio in auto di 103 km percorso tra ricordi e la voglia di poterla riabbracciare.

Born in Rome on 10 November 1928, remains one of Italy's foremost composers. He is renowned for the huge number of film scores he has written (almost 500 of them), thirty of which are for westerns. This latter genre is the reason for Morricone's worldwide fame. To give just one statistic- Morricone has sold more then 50 million albums.

Lino Banfi is the stage name of Pasquale Zagaria, born in Andria, province of Bari, in 1937. He is one of the most loved and celebrated names in the history of Italian film comedy. His interest in theatre began when he was a boy and he launched his acting career in 1954 when he moved to Milan and developed a curtain raiser act under the name of Lino Zaga.

He gained a diploma from the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome in 1987, having studied under
teachers of the calibre of Furio Scarpelli. He went on to collaborate on several scripts with the latter, including
“Time to Kill” (1989) by Giuliano Montaldo, “On Tour” (1990) by Gabriele Salvadores, “Condominium” (1991)
by Felice Farina and “Centro storico” (1992) by Roberto Giannarelli.

Paolo Sorrentino, born in Naples in 1970, is a director, screenwriter and novelist. He started out in 1995 with the short film Un Paradiso, which was well received at the Palermo Film Festival. Shortly after he began working with Antonio Capuano and Stefano Incerti, and wrote scripts for La Squadra on RAI television.

Filippo Timi was born 37 years ago in Perugia. A stage and screen actor and writer, he studied acting in Bologna and began working in theatre with names such as Dario Marconcini, Cesare Ronconi, Robert Wilson, Pippo Del Bono and Giorgio Barberio Corsetti. His first film role came in 1999 in the comedy In the Beginning There Was Underwear, followed by Appassionate by Tonino De Barnardi, a film centred on Neapolitan music.




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