Giorgio Faletti is a writer, singer-songwriter, actor and cabaret performer. He first found success with his comic characters in 1970s at the Derby in Milan, which were then reprised on historic TV programmes such as Pronto Raffaella and Drive In – where he launched his traffic warden character Vito Catozzo.

Two brothers, Genziano and Mirko, haven't seen each other for 18 years. Their mother's death in a car accident marked the beginning of their estrangement. Genziano is a businessman in London while Mirko is mechanic with a wife and a son. Now, it is the funeral of their father that brings them together. It was their father's wish that both of them scatter his ashes on the grave of their mother. Two deaths that divided them and brought them together. The turning point comes when Mirko asks forgiveness; he was the car driver in
di Enzo De Camillis (Ita, 2009, 12') mar 8 The film is based on a true story, an unresolved legal case experienced by Enzo De Camillis and above all by his wife, Anna. A long letter written by Anna from prison is the start point for a painful but highly emotional story in which Anna relives the nineteen days spent in prison without having the slightest idea why.
Sezione VIII di Sergio Lambiase e Aldo Zappalà (Ita, 2007, 54') Dom 15 h 16.27
An animated cartoon. It’s the twentieth anniversary for an afro-Cuban couple. Only the wife remembers it and looks nostalgically at the wedding photo. The husband is emotionless and watches a baseball match, then he lets a fried egg his wife cooked for him fall on the floor. So quietly, the woman decides to leave with the wedding photo, far from him.
Nell’anno 2081, il Grande Fratello domina la società; sono tempi duri per i ragazzini, costretti ai controlli della Ludopolizia, che ha messo al bando le favole, prendendosela in particolare con la figura del Principe Azzurro. A quest’ultimo è stato dedicato il videogioco Shot the Prince, con lo scopo di creare consenso tra i ragazzi.
di Francesco Capaldo (Ita, 2010, 4') dom 6 What would be today's value of the 30 pieces of silver Judas received for his betrayal of Jesus? "30 denari" is a grotesque reworking of this episode of the Passion – done in Tarantino style; it's probably also the only religious western in the history of cinema. Watch the video
10 Sala Video Selezione internazionale di video realizzati con tecniche di animazione digitale
di Achim von Borries (Ger/Rus/Ucr, 2011, 97') Venerdì 28 h 20,30 Institut Français Napoli - Sala Dumas Four days before the end of the Second World War in Germany. The world is holding its breath. A Soviet Captain and his patrol have occupied an orphanage by the sea; a German army unit is camped on the beach; a secret love affair blooms against all odds.




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