EP. EL YUMA (MONDAY) Directed by Benicio Del Toro Teddy wants to become a famous actor, so he goes to Cuba to study acting. There he meets a guy called Anger, a taxi driver who is actually an engineer. Teddy ends up at a party where he gets drunk and gets off with a woman. But back at the hotel he sees her ID card – and realises she's a man. EP. JAM SESSION (TUESDAY) Directed by Pablo Trapero Film director Emir Kusturica is invited to Havana to receive an award. He gets drunk before the award ceremony and his driver helps him to smarten up.
The film tells the story of some workers who, during a meeting about Union negotiations, try to figure out how to save their 200 fellow workers from being dismissed. The film shows 11 prominent women from various social classes and from North to South, who will join forces to oppose the ruling class and give themselves a chance for a better future. The film is inspired by the Academy Awards winner movie dated 1957 12 Angry Men directed by Sydney Lumet. Michele Placido takes on a contemporary adaptation by setting history in our country.
Sezione II di Alessandro de Cristofaro e Alessandro Abbate (Ita, 2008, 20') Gio 11 h 20.10
A Ballad for Tex examines the relationship between cinema and theatre. The film tells the story of aspiring actress Elizabeth, a housewife trapped in an unhappy marriage. Her ability to dream allows to take refuge in the colours of a painting that comes to life with the notes of a plaintive ballad. The film takes an experimental approach and develops by openly mixing theatrical and filmic codes and conventions.
by Leonid Prudovsky (Isr, 2009, 90'); v.o., sott. ing., sott. it. Yigal is a simple man, used to his every day routine and scared to rock the boat by trying anything new. He drives a taxi for a living, and even though he is a master at ground travel he still can't overcome his deep fear of flying. He dreams big but takes no action. He is resigned to live a monotonous life, until when he meets Lina and his world is turned upside down.




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