di Juan Martínez Moreno (Spa, 2009, 97') v.o., sott. it.; mar 8 h 20,00 Vicente and Fernando are close friends and colleagues, professors at the Law School and members of the affluent upper middle class. Fernando, a full professor, is older than Vicente and serves as a father figure and professional and moral role model for him. He is also Vicente's staunchest support at the university. One day, by chance, Vicente sees Fernando murder his wife.
Barnaba does not get on very well with his father, because he cannot find a permanent job; he does not get on very well with his girlfriend because she finds him so immature. So, he decides to leave home. Jacopo, one of his friends, with problems much bigger than Barnaba’s – for example he has tried to commit suicide – gives him hospitality. A girl from the North of Italy takes the same decision and moves to Naples to restore a church even if she suffers from the Stendhal syndrome. The three guys get to know each other and… united they stand, divided they fall…
di Vincenzo Fattorusso (Ita, 2006, 35') Ven 15 h 16.30
Le persone che vivono a Cascina Verde, una delle prime comunità di recupero per tossicodipendenti in Lombardia, parlano di se stessi con dignità e coraggio in un'intervista corale, che affronta vari aspetti di questo lungo e difficile viaggio. A piccoli passi è la storia di una "caduta" che molti sperano di trasformare in "rinascita", è la richiesta ad alta voce per una seconda occasione
The artistic and existential trend of Swedish Lou Castel, a symbolic face for the Italian cinema of the protest and animated by an irrepressible spirit of experimentation. As a cult actor icon of the decade of '68 -'77 where he has been active in Rome and Milan, a well-liked video artist, painter and intellectual in today's Paris: two worlds, two ways of being apparently far away, but linked by one way towards the resistance to the cultural, artistic, civil field. His voice is interlaced with the memories of colleagues, friends and family.
A kind of “behind the curtains” which tells us with lightnessand nevertheless awareness what happened when the Italian films were well-known in all the world, when the television programmes were at the beginning, when the stage performances (comedies especially) were a never-ending hotbed of talents ready to be successful thanks to their acting liveliness which is so hard to find nowadays.
In a Naples gray and melancholy of a gloomy day, a trickle of rain flowing on the face of one of the angels on the door of the facade of the church of the Gesù Nuovo.




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