Santo Subito

A crook is unmasked ... only a miracle can save him


A scientist loses his girlfriend in a car accident.

Pop art

Gallery owner Arturo Marchesi is entangled in an unhappy affair with organised crime and wants to get out.


Pinocchio has obtained a brilliant degree in modern literature.

Onora il padre e la madre

A young boy, Vincenzino, confesses in church. He tells the priest of a event that has deeply marked his life – a gesture of love for his sick mother.

Panta rei

Panta Rei is an experimental short film that mixes animation and live action. A drop of water in freefall for an infinitesimal second is frozen in su

O’ Marchese – The Story of a Homeless

O 'Marchese - The Story of a Homeless, is a journey into the world of homeless people.

No place like Oz

Dorothy, heroine of The Wizard of Oz, has become an alcoholic with serious mental problems. Her psychiatrist Dr.

Nessuno vuole più morire

Night. 4:45 a.m. A determined photographer dispassionately seeks to capture the essential animal nature of cats.


et in a romantic Naples of years gone by, policeman Napoleon Esposito fights crime in his own way.




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