Jeannette, l'enfance de Jeanne d'Arc

In France in 1425, animated by mystical visions, little Jeannette grazes sheep in the village of Domrémy.


Flanders today. Demester is a young breeder who has sexual relations with Barbe, of whom maybe is in love.

Ma Loute

Summer 1910, North of France. Numerous tourists disappeared while relaxing on the beautiful Normandy beaches.


Marta lives in a small village in the countryside with her husband, a doctor.


In Poland during the post-war period, the famous painter Władysław Strzemiński works as a professor in the National School of Fine Arts in Łódź.

Walesa - L'uomo della speranza

Wałęsa. Man of Hope is the story of a contemporary hero, Lech Wałęsa.


During September 1939, Poland was invaded, in the west by Nazi troops and in the east by the Red Army. It is the beginning of the Second World War.

Voce 'e Sirena

“Voce ‘e sirena” è un canto alla bellezza millenaria di Partenope, elevato nel momento e nel luogo della sua ultima, più cocente, ferita.

Mò Vi Mento – Lira di Achille

Elena Guarracino, heir to a multinational company of condoms, tries to marry for the umpteenth time Achille Alfresco, president of the newborn party &




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