In the back streets of Naples, an anonymous story of a mime and his audience.

...Y tenemos sabor

La musica cubana e i suoi strumenti principali.

Nosotros y la música

Music, dances and songs of the Cuban community presented in a mix of free-cinema and musical revue.

Storia di un balletto (Suite Yoruba)

The National Theatre’s dancers and choreographer arrange a “Guemilere” in honour of a Pagan Saint and learn the art of the community’s anonymous artis

Il Processo

Drawn by Franz Kafka’s famous novel. Josef K.

L’infernale Quinlan

While Mike, a Mexican policeman, is crossing the border towards the United States with his wife Susie, the two of them witness the murder of a busines

La signora di Shangai

The Irish sailorman Michael O’Hara meets Elsa, a fascinating blonde, while he’s traveling on a horse carriage.

Lo Straniero

Officer Wilson of the U.N. Commission against war crimes (Edward G.

L’orgoglio degli Amberson

The Ambersons were a rich family from Indianapolis in Indiana.


Xanadu, Florida. We are in editor Charles Foster Kane’s palace, the powerful magnate who dying.




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