Our Mother (t.i. Nostra Madre)

Zayane, she’s 75 years old. Since her arrival in France has never crossed the border of his town.


Kosovo 2004, five years after the war.


A train, a journey, a relentless goal that awaits.


In 1885 it happened that Augustine, a housekeeper, could not feel her hands and eventually one of her eyes got paralysed, too.So, a doctor, Professor


As a tribute to the nouvelle-vague of the French cinema, Fiore leads us to a reformatory where the young Daphne wound up as a metropolitan mobile phon

Alì ha gli occhi azzurri

Stefano and Nader are two classmates. Stefano has emotional problems related to the fact that girls cannot decide to end a relationship.

Fratelli d'Italia

It’s about three teenagers from second generation immigrant families: the Romanian Alin, the Belarusian Masha and the Egyptian Nader.

La casa sulle nuvole

There are two brothers, Michele and Lorenzo, the first one is a dog lover and is a Labrador dogs’ trainer, the second one loves jazz and is a musician

Dramma della gelosia

Adelaide (starred by Monica Vitti) is a florist who starts dating Oreste (starred by Marcello Mastroianni), who is a married construction worker.




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