Renato Scarpa

One of the best character actors in the Italian film production; he has always distinguished himself thanks to his professionalism, eclecticism and perfectionism. He was born in Milan on September 14th 1939. His performing debut was brilliant; he worked with the Taviani Brothers in Sotto il segno dello scorpione. He was directed by Marco Bellocchio in Nel nome del padre in 1972 and then by the Taviani Brothers again in San Michele aveva un gallo. In 1973 he played the part of Nicolas Roeg, an inspector in Venezia…un dicembre rosso   , with Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland, and a friar in Giordano Bruno by Giuliano Montaldo with Gian Maria Volonté. He has worked with the greatest directors: Roberto Rossellini, Luigi Comencini, Steno, Franco Giraldi, Dario Argento, Luigi Zampa, Mario Monicelli, Liliana Cavani, Luigi Zampa and André Delvaux, just to mention a few. He has also worked with new-generation directors such as Nanni Moretti, Carlo Verdone, Massimo Troisi, Maurizio Nichetti, Luciano De Crescenzo, Carlo Vanzina, Peter Del Monte and Michael Radford. More than just one film with many of these. In 2010 he appeared even in The tourist with Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. In 2011 he played the leading role in Il maestro by Maria Grazia Cucinotta. Just have a look at his basic filmography here below and you will be surprised! He has also worked for television productions such as one episode of Il commissario Montalbano. Anyway, a great actor to re-evaluate.



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