Elena Ferrante

Elena Ferrante was born in Naples in 1943.

Of her, therefore, photos have never been published. No one has ever been established who really is. As the fourth cover of each book is quoted, one knows only that she was born in Naples.

Without ever revealing her identity, Elena Ferrante is a well-known writer in Italy and abroad (particularly in the United States, where four of her novels have found the public's favor with the translation of Ann Goldstein, thanks to the publishing house Europa Editions ) and has collected positive reviews.

 At the same time, Ferrante has talked a lot about herself, giving many interviews mediated by the publishing house and writing an essentially autobiographical volume, Frantumaglia – A write’s Journey.

Elena Ferrante is the author of The Troubling Love, from which Mario Martone has directed the movie Nasty Love. From the next novel, The Days of Abandonment, Roberto Faenza's film was made. In the book Frantumaglia – A write’s Journey narrates her writer's experience. In 2006, Editions E / O published the novel The Lost Daughter, in 2007 the children's story The Beach at Night and in 2011 the first chapter of My Brilliant Friend, followed in 2012 by the second, Story of a New Name in 2013 by the third Those Who Leave and those who stays and in the 2014 the fourth and finale chapter The Story of the Lost Child.



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