Violante Placido

She was born in Rome on May 1, 1976). Artistic Daughter, her parents are actor and director Michele Placido and actress Simonetta Stefanelli. She is active as a singer as Viola. For her 1993 debut, she is directed by Claudio Camarca in Quattro bravi ragazzi, where she also plays her father. In the nineties, he participated in successful films such as Ricky Tognazzi's Strangled Lives and Jack Frusciante left the band by Enza Negroni. In 2002 sh is in Soul Mate Sergio Rubini and she is nominated for Silver Ribbons and plays with Harvey Keitel and Andy MacDowell in Ginostra. The following year for Giovanni Veronesi's film, What will become of us, is instead a candidate for David of Donatello. Pasquale Scimeca directs her in Gli Indesiderabili and then the father in Another Life. He has his first album as a singer in 2006 and the following year she is directed by Pupi Avati in A Dinner for Them to Meet. In 2009 she appeared on TV in Pinocchio directed by Alberto Sironi. George Clooney is the star of The American where Violante takes part in 2010. Two years later, she plays in Ghost Rider - Spell of Revenge with Nicholas Cage. In 2014 she is one of the protagonists of the Transporter: The Series television series and in 2016 she plays in 7 minutes by Michele Placido.

Essential Filmography

1996 – Strangled Lives di Ricky Tognazzi

2002 – Soul Mate di Sergio Rubini

2003 – What will Become of Us di Giovanni Veronesi

2007 – A Dinner for Them to Meet di Pupi Avati

2010 – The American di Anton Corbijn

2016 – 7 minutes di Michele Placido



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