Cinema Havana 2


Roble de olor (Profumo di quercia)

It is a love and courage story between two simple human beings : a haïtian and a german, they meet each other, love each other in Cuba during slavery

La pelicula de Ana (Il film di Anna)

An actress without much professional fortune test the limit of his histrionic ability and turns, for exceptional circumstances in audiovisual director

Viva Cuba

In a tale inspired by Romeo and Juliet, the friendship between two children is threatened by their parents' differences.

El Benny

E' la stora rivisitata della vita del famoso musicista cubano Benny Morè.

Y, sin embargo (E tuttavia)

Rudy Mora’s film begins when a boy is late for his math exam at a music school.

Los Dioses rotos (Gli dei infranti)

In 1910 Havana, prostitution was a thriving business ruled by French procurers.

Esther en alguna parte (Esther in nessun luogo)

The peaceful life of Lino, a widower who keeps busy with the simplest everyday things, is turned upside-down when Larry Po, another quirky old man wit

La bella dell'Alhambra

Story shows the genesis of the career and the rise of Esther the most beloved actress of most popular theater in Havana at the turn of the 19th centur



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