Silvio Siano

Silvio Siano

He was born in Castellamare di Stabia on 12 August 1921 and died in Rome on 4 May 1990. He began to enter the world of cinema thanks to the director Armando Fizzarotti and in 1949 he made his debut film with his first direction, Napoli eterna canzone (Napoli eternal song), followed two years later by Black Fire. The style is between neorealism and sentimental cinema. His movies are popular and make great profits. Soli per le strade (Alone in the streets) of 1953 participates in the Cannes Festival the following year out of competition. In the United States it was used by Foster Parents as a promotion of their foundation for abandoned children. After a series of successful films, he also dedicated himself to being a production manager in 1973, My Pleasure is Your Pleasure direct from Claudio Racca. In this capacity he also collaborates with Carlo Lizzani for the film The Teenage Prostitution Racket in 1975. His last film as director is 1965, Agent X 77 - Order to Kill and as a tradition of the Sixties he adopts an English name, Edward Lawson, for an international distribution.



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