Duccio Chiarini


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Short Skin- I dolori del giovane Edo
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Titolo Opera: 
2011 Hit the road Nonna (documentario)

Duccio Chiarini

He was born in Florence, he learned the cinema’s basis at the London Film School and with Babak Jalali he founded an independent house, La Règle du Jeu, which in a few years produced some short films that received international attention. In 2005 he made Alone Together  and Troppo caldo per Birillo; in 2006 Dopodomani and Fine stagione, written with Hanif Kureishi; in 2008 Lo zio, with Marco Messeri. In 2011 he filmed Hit the road, nonna a documentary. It was premiered during the Venice Days, then it achieved the People’s Choice Award at the People’s Festival in Florence and a special mention at the Silver Ribbons. Short Skin is his first long length-film.



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