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Concorso SCHERMO NAPOLI - Cortometraggi 2015


L'amore è un segno

Ciro e Margherita si amano, ma hanno un problema di comunicazione che li costringe a servirsi di un terzo come tramite, Emondo.

Il ballo di Marte

A kid gets lost in the woods and comes across a tower where he meets a mysterious woman. His choices from then on will be determined by his steps.


A painter afflicted by a creative crisis wanders the city in search of inspiration. In his desperation in he finds it – in a quite unusual way.


L'impossibilità di scattare una fotografia rappresenta, per un fotografo, l'inizio della fine.

Ancora uno

Matteo takes his wife's murderer hostage; but before exacting his revenge he sits down in front of the killer and begins questioning him.


Architect? ... Grocer? ... Birdwatcher? ... Whatever your job is, someone is watching you.


In the back streets of Naples, an anonymous story of a mime and his audience.


Eros and Psyche were happy, in love and everything was perfect. They did not recall what was outside their orangery or perhaps they never knew.

Facing off

A woman decides to have cosmetic surgery, seeking to change her life.

Il continente fantasma

Arturo, a thirty-five year-old aspiring writer, still lives with his family and spends his mornings playing table tennis with a friend who is much mor

Con il bene di sempre

Michele, a worker in a factory doomed to closure, must face the hardship of the loss of his livelihood. A final day with his dignity as a worker.

Chell’ ca’ sent

The head of the statue of the Sphinx, the "body of Naples", is stolen.

La Macchina Americana

Since the death of his parents in an accident, Toto has lived with his aunt and uncle and it honest isn't working out too well.

Mezzanotte di segni

In a small room overlooking the Bay of Naples, a young designer suspended in time and in the night faces the eternal struggle of the artist who tries

il fiume Giovane

Nuccio, Gerardo, Frida and Adelmo live among the narrow streets of their village, Oliveto Citra, in the Sele valley near the Picentini mountains.


"Krapfen" is the story of a robbery that goes wrong, leaving the crooks to sort out the disastrous consequences.

Ricordami per sempre

Maria is an elderly widow. Since the loss of her husband, she herself has lost the desire to go on living.

Questa strana storia

In a series of allegorical images, the love story of a man and a woman unfolds.

Per un’ora d’amore

Naples. Pasquale survives doing odd jobs in his neighbourhood. He must now come to terms with the loss of the person dearest to him: his wife.

Mr j

They say that dreams are kept in drawers, but sometimes a case can hold the bigger ones.

Il Natale di Lia

Lia is a girl making final preparations for Christmas Eve dinner; but the guests' expectations will be upset by a strange visit – one that will r


Retired teacher Filippo is afflicted with sorrow over the loss of his wife. He decides to take his life – but then someone knocks at the door.

Pallottole e Confetti

The Guastaferro family is not given to welcoming strangers into its house, presided over by the ageing, austere matron and her three children from as


A new hairdresser attends to an old customer.


A chance encounter between a lawyer and a renowned scholar at a Dracula convention inflames the horrifying memories of the former, involving cats, dar

La smorfia

After suffering a stroke that has left his face in a paralysed grimace, elderly Neapolitan singer Carmine is now wheelchair bound for life.

Ricordami per sempre

Maria is an elderly widow. Since the loss of her husband, she herself has lost the desire to go on living.


Taking the ancient legend of the Monaciello (little monk) as recounted by Matilde Serao, this is the legend from the point of view of the mother of th


A lime tree leaf blown by the wind becomes a metaphor of love.

Tutto quello che non ci siamo detti

A young director makes a short film with some old friends.

Vita Veloce

Giovanni è un giovane universitario con una particolare ed assurda aspirazione a diventare un malavitoso.

L'ultimo viaggio

Padre e figlio, titolari di un’impresa di pompe funebri, stanno accompagnando un defunto nell’ultimo viaggio ma la superstizione ed il destino sono di

l'uomo più famoso al mondo

Javier is a young winemaker who has created what is probably the best wine vintage ever. After the media frenzy begins, it disappears.



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