Stefania Capobianco


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Mò Vi Mento - Lira di Achille
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Stefania Capobianco

Stefania Capobianco was born on December 31, 1986 in Gaeta (LT). In 2006 she moved to Rome, signing up at the University "La Sapienza", where she graduated in "Forms and techniques of the entertainment". It’s in December 2013 that she becomes part of the film production company in Rome, FG Pictures srl, becoming in 2014, sole director of the company. And it’s precisely in this production reality that she has distinguished herself as a film producer, making the documentary entitled Mediterranean diet example to the world, directed by Francesco Gagliardi, of which he is also co-author. This work was sponsored by the UNESCO CICT for its high value socio-cultural. In 2018 Stefania Capobianco wrote, as co-author, the film screenplay of the feature film Mò Vi Mento - Lira di Achille, collaborating, among others, with the screenwriter Lorenzo De Luca. Stefania Capobianco for this movie was also co-director.



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