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Life in Rome’s suburbia can be truly tough, especially for a young girl who has no one to help her.

Senza corpo

Senza corpo portrays the struggle to define one’s own identity and sexuality in a disconnected society that has been seduced by the idea that the inte

Il nostro limite

Sometimes happiness is just outside a man’s window, and still too far.… Two young boys are in love, but a prejudiced family and the rules of a bigoted

L’aria rossa

In a future where education is programmed by machines, a young girl discovers that humanity is way more important than just notions instilled in peopl


Through a simple, ordinary conversation between two friends - a woman and her manicurist - this short movie talks about painful secrets hidden behind

Quando i pesci cantavano

The importance of tradition and oral culture are shown in this poetic short movie through live action and animation.

Così in terra

Roberto Citran, one of the most talented actors in contemporary Italian cinema, portrays a forlorn priest of a small Southern Italian village who is f

Cinema Mater Dei

Through some ordinary people’s recollections this non-fiction brief documentary show how theaters have proved to be a fundamental place for viewers b



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