7 minuti

The film tells the story of some workers who, during a meeting about Union negotiations, try to figure out how to save their 200 fellow workers from

Una vita in cambio

Tormented by guilt, a wealthy old man (Toni Garrani) is visited by a stranger (Stefano Fresi) with whom he begins a kind of chess game: an unconscious


2012 year of the technical government Monti. Francesca (Daniela Poggi) 59enne is a worker in age of retirement but with no income.

Le terre rosse - I dimenticati della storia

He wants to be a film inspired by the novel Il Rinnegato of the Lucan writer Giuseppe Brancale and inspired by the autobiography of the bandit Carmine

Il viaggio

Five people take the train from the Carpinone-Sulmona railway line before the line disappears through the enchanting and uncontaminated areas of Molis

Era giovane e aveva gli occhi chiari

She was young with light eyes describing the sentimental education of a man, or rather the contrasting events that mark his feelings.

La puerta abierta

Rosa is an unhappy and sulky prostitute who inherited the profession from Antonia, her mother, an avid fan of Sara Montiel who turns her daily life in

Love is Dead (Rupture pour tous)

Mathias Lonisse, proud founder of Love is dead, is an artisan of the breaking-up business.

Demimonde (Felvilag)

In January 1914, a horrible murder shook up the city of Budapest.




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