Freedom Fields

La storia inizia quando la nazionale femminile della Libia è al suo ottavo anno di vita e ancora non è mai riuscita a disputare una partita.

Il suono dell'acqua

The documentary turns on the spotlight, starting from the Lucanian context, on a problem of absolute universal relevance: how to preserve the good “wa

Sogni lucani

The Lucania land of beauties, above all secluded, as are the secrets and the talents between villages and towns.

Donne Lucane

The documentary is dedicated to the feminine universe of Lucania immortalized years ago by famous photographers (including Henri Cartier-Bresson, Fede

The Man Behind The Woman

The documentary describes the life and work of Manel Dalgò, a Spanish dancer, singer, transformer (or impersonator), now in his fifties, with a long a

Sono Gassman! - Vittorio, re della commedia

A documentary on one of Italy’s greatest actors, who made a name for himself on stage nad screen and even had a career in Hollywood.

L'uomo che rapì Truffaut

Antonio Fiore tells about the famous French director Francois Truffaut's famous appearance at the Giffoni Film Festival, dedicated to the cinemat

Anna Politkovskaja - Concerto per voce solista

It’s a documentary directed by the actor Ferdinando Maddaloni on the Russian journalist Anna Polikovskaja.

J'ai tuè ma mere

Hubert is a 16-year-old Québécois living in suburban Montreal with his single mother, Chantale, who divorced Hubert's father, Richard, when Huber

Tom à la ferme

When his boyfriend Guillaume dies at 25, Tom, a youthful advertising editor from Montreal, visits Guillaume's rural community to deliver a eulogy




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