La ardilla roja (Lo scoiattolo rosso)

On a winter's night in San Sebastian, musical group leader Jota is considering suicide.

They Walk in Naples

In the year 2013 a strange infection spreads across the city of Naples, turning all the inhabitants into zombies.

Il mestiere più antico del mondo

"Il mestiere più antico del mondo" (The oldest profession in the world) is a web series produced by KinemaZOne ("Travel Companions"

Tacco 12

Miriam was an exemplary woman and mother. Then came group dancing and her life changed completely.

Santo Subito

A crook is unmasked ... only a miracle can save him

Pop art

Gallery owner Arturo Marchesi is entangled in an unhappy affair with organised crime and wants to get out.


Pinocchio has obtained a brilliant degree in modern literature.

No place like Oz

Dorothy, heroine of The Wizard of Oz, has become an alcoholic with serious mental problems. Her psychiatrist Dr.

La Ciofeca

Peppuccio Cristallo has just triumphed in the municipal elections.




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