Ambientazione Campana


Titta is a cook in Chikù, an Italian-Roma restaurant where eight women from Scampia work.


In San Giovanni in Teduccio on the eastern outskirts of Naples, the sea is not visible, being masked by miles and miles of buildings.


The life of an elderly family in a provincial town is marked out by the usual rituals.


A journey into the storehouse, the urban feature of Naples that symbolises a time held in suspension.

Crescere di bellezza

The film documents the activities of the Symphony Orchestra of the Spanish Quarters of Naples.

La Cella Zero

The "Cella Zero" is an empty room in Naples prison, where, according to those who have gone through the experience, inmates are brought to b

Vita Veloce

Giovanni è un giovane universitario con una particolare ed assurda aspirazione a diventare un malavitoso.

Tutto quello che non ci siamo detti

A young director makes a short film with some old friends.


A chance encounter between a lawyer and a renowned scholar at a Dracula convention inflames the horrifying memories of the former, involving cats, dar

La smorfia

After suffering a stroke that has left his face in a paralysed grimace, elderly Neapolitan singer Carmine is now wheelchair bound for life.




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