Ambientazione Campana

The last of you

A short script written and directed with twenty children at a school in the province of Naples, as part of the filmap project.

Più giù, entro le mura

A beautifully composed panoramic view of the Gulf of Naples leads to a sequence of different low-level perspectives accompanied by live sound.

Passerà notte

Naples, 1942. The Iovine family survive as best they can in the difficult years of World War II.

Orti Sociali, una ricetta per il recupero di suoli agricoli

"It is essential to recover and re-use abandoned and uncultivated land and reduce overbuilding.

Notre Dame de Ponticelli

Maria was abandoned by her mother as a child and grew up in the belfry of a church under the care of Father Claudio.

La leggenda di Colapesce

A boy, known in Naples as Colapesce because of his passion for the sea, is asked by the King to discover what treasures are hidden next to the three c

I ragazzi di Don Bosco

Don Bosco, having dedicated his life to helping children in need, has reached the end of his intensely-lived journey.

C’è qualcuno là fuori?

A boy lives locked in his room surrounded by his computer, phones and video games.


A young black man, rescued from a racist attack by a concierge, befriends a guy his own age who is a professional footballer.

Totò Memories - Il Museo del Principe Atteso da Vent'anni

"Totò Memories - Il Museo del Principe atteso da vent'anni" is a documentary investigation into the absence of a tangible reminder of




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