Regista Campano

La parte che resta

Modena, San Cataldo district. The Caritas Open Door centre is located between the cemetery and the railway tracks.


A journey into the storehouse, the urban feature of Naples that symbolises a time held in suspension.

Crescere di bellezza

The film documents the activities of the Symphony Orchestra of the Spanish Quarters of Naples.


"Costellazioni" follows three circus performers out of the spotlight.

La Cella Zero

The "Cella Zero" is an empty room in Naples prison, where, according to those who have gone through the experience, inmates are brought to b


"668" is a sensation. A journey within travel itself. An everyday story that can be explored from different perspectives.


Eros and Psyche were happy, in love and everything was perfect. They did not recall what was outside their orangery or perhaps they never knew.

L'ultimo viaggio

A father and son travel by car to work through the plains of Lombardy when a bizarre encounter forces them to challenge their preconceptions about sup

Vita Veloce

Giovanni è un giovane universitario con una particolare ed assurda aspirazione a diventare un malavitoso.

Tutto quello che non ci siamo detti

A young director makes a short film with some old friends.




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