Regista Campano

Mezzanotte di segni

In a small room overlooking the Bay of Naples, a young designer suspended in time and in the night faces the eternal struggle of the artist who tries


"Krapfen" is the story of a robbery that goes wrong, leaving the crooks to sort out the disastrous consequences.

Il continente fantasma

Arturo, a thirty-five year-old aspiring writer, still lives with his family and spends his mornings playing table tennis with a friend who is much mor

Con il bene di sempre

Michele, a worker in a factory doomed to closure, must face the hardship of the loss of his livelihood. A final day with his dignity as a worker.

Chell’ ca’ sent

The head of the statue of the Sphinx, the "body of Naples", is stolen.


In the back streets of Naples, an anonymous story of a mime and his audience.


Architect? ... Grocer? ... Birdwatcher? ... Whatever your job is, someone is watching you.

Il ballo di Marte

A kid gets lost in the woods and comes across a tower where he meets a mysterious woman. His choices from then on will be determined by his steps.


A painter afflicted by a creative crisis wanders the city in search of inspiration. In his desperation in he finds it – in a quite unusual way.


Enrico Iannaccone is a Neapolitan director and musician.




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