Our Mother (t.i. Nostra Madre)

Zayane, she’s 75 years old. Since her arrival in France has never crossed the border of his town.


Kosovo 2004, five years after the war.


A train, a journey, a relentless goal that awaits.

A qualcuno piacerà- Storia e storie di Elio Pandolfi

A kind of “behind the curtains” which tells us with lightnessand nevertheless awareness what happened when the Italian films were well-known in all th


In 1885 it happened that Augustine, a housekeeper, could not feel her hands and eventually one of her eyes got paralysed, too.So, a doctor, Professor

Sul vulcano

The relationship between the Vesuvius and the people living at the feet of it.


It is about the last ten years of life of the poetess Antonia Pozzi, who lived in Milan during the Fascism; the Nobel prize Eugenio Montale regarded h

Song' e Napule

Paco is a conservatory graduate in piano performance from Naples; he is a good piano player nevertheless he does not have a job.




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