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A mathematics graduate and computer science expert by profession, Maria Di Razza has always nurtured a passion for the cinema. In 2007 she did the directing course in at the Pigrecoemme film school in Naples and in the same year shot "Ipazia," a short film on the only female scientist in antiquity. In 2012 she made the award-winning animated short film "Forbici", dealing with the issue of femicide, as part of the film project that saw the involvement of marechiarofilm: "Oggi insieme, domani anche" (Together today and also tomorrow)" created by Antonietta De Lillo. In 2014, she directed an animated short film, "Facing Off", a further exploration of the female universe. For several years she has worked in various capacities for the "Human Rights Film Festival of Naples" and the international festival of short films by women, "A Corto di Donne."



The film tells of the hazardous story of love between two young people of different ethnicity.


In a future society dominated by zombies, a "human" boy who suffers continuous victimisation and harassment ceaselessly searches for a way t

Don Giovanni Apollo

Apollo is the most beautiful god in Olympus and likes to seduce all the nymphs of the woods.


At the beginning of the school year a new student arrives.

Di tutto, il nulla

The near future. Following a nuclear accident, some nations are forced to live by filtering the now contaminated air with purifiers and gas masks.

La coscienza di Pomy

One day in a vegetable plot, a black tomato called Pomy is born.

Un Amore da Schiappa

Tom is repeatedly beaten by bullies at school. One day one of them asks Tom to write a song for his girlfriend. Tom hands the song over to the bully.

La brillantina nella testa

Mattia has just moved to a new school, where he is picked on by his classmates. Only Sofia seems to understand the newcomer.

La gatta Cenerentola

Based on the eponymous play by Roberto De Simone. Cinderella lives in Naples and is treated harshly by her stepmother and stepsisters.

Un incontro inaspettato

This is the story of a Romanian woman's attempts to find work in Italy – and the difficulties she encounters mainly because she is a foreigner an

La terra dei sogni

A bunch of kids from the "land of fires" in the Caserta hinterland dream in concert that they are a step away from fulfilling their desires.

ViviAmo la città

18 and 19 May 2013 saw the first edition of "ViviAmo la città" (Experience the City) in Frattamaggiore, an event sponsored by numerous assoc

Welcome back to Naples

Two Russian tourists in Naples witness scenes that seem completely out of the ordinary – and then realise that not everything is quite as it seems.

Pinocchio nel Terzo Millennio

A parody of a hard-hitting TV investigative report focuses on a start-up and discusses a new app for mobile phones and tablets called "Pinocchio&

La Recita

Middle school student Denise is an introverted girl who is mocked by her classmates because of her family problems and her shyness.

Parte di te

The story focuses on a fourteen-year-old couple, Marco and Sara. On St. Valentine's day, both their lives will go through a huge change.

Sgonfia il bullo

The film was created as part of a project on bullying in schools. The bully is domineering and violent in his attitude to his classmates but ....


A young guy tries to win over a 'standard issue' girl in a society that is increasingly technological and removed from its humanity.



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